Monty Lukies:

Born in Melbourne, Australia, my family move overseas to Spain when I was young. After finishing high-school in Spain I moved back to Australia to complete my higher education. I studied computer science while I worked as a junior creative director for a multinational advertising firm.

I worked as a creative director/ illustrator/ designer for a few years. My work was mostly the theoretical side of design and marketing. Whilst doing this I eventually started to realize there was something more going on with how our imagination worked, I kept on seeing these same patterns so I decided to take a more in depth look at them, which is where my research all started.

My work covers a more scientific methodology for learning and understanding the fundamentals of creative expression in just about any medium. I use a lot of scientific studies to formulate my ideas, such as math, psychology, and neuroscience, all tied in with my own personal experiences in a wide variety of fields.

Over time I have formulated a sort of code to help this process, it has countless applications. On this blog I try to cover part of the theory and the application of this code using simple examples. Taking in to account this is only a summarized version of the soon to be released book/s. I don’t think this is the ultimate solution to teaching creativity, more a solution that can compliment just about any person who works in a creative industry and you will see it’s application isn’t just limited to creative fields.

Some of my other jobs have been in the fields of  computer science, electronics engineering, audio engineer, loudspeaker and amplifier design, marketing, music industry, business management, event management, mathematical studies, and film post production.

This is a new direction for me in life, and the result of many years of hard work and everything I have learned from my professional experience.

Enjoy: books, music, films (exchanging favorite quotes especially), travel, cooking, street art, architecture, interior and industrial design, sustainability, activism,  psychology, alternative and hip-hop clothes (especially shoes) retro furniture, quantum mechanics, mathematics, spirituality, zombies, all things pin up, DIY, electronics, synthesizers, video games and cats.

Pastimes: photography, illustration, making trip-hop music.

Languages: English, castellano, catala, francais.

If any of these topics intrest you, drop me a line, I am always looking for new friends both on and off line! 😀