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Client: Me

Year: 2013

Brief summary: 

A game that I am currently developing for the mobile platform.

The summary of the game is as follows:

Two parallel universes and one character that can travel between them both. One universe is dominated by order, the other is post apocalyptic and ruled by chaos.

The two worlds have the same series of alleys that you must navigate to finish the game, when you face a dead end, you can change to the other universe to find a way out.

In the chaotic world, everyone has a gun, and you have to fight your way to the end. In the world ruled by order, there is no violence, but everything is monitored and controlled and every turn brings a new puzzle.

Each universe has its challenges, you can complete mission in one universe, or use both of them to get to the other side of the maze of alley ways. Both universes are complete with their own unique ending and objectives.

(the concept art is based of Melbourne’s alleys.)